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Fuber is a brand new web app, designed specifically for Independent Escorting in the UK.  Created by a small UK based team, with a clear vision and unlimited passion.

Our adventures from within the industry (as either Escort or Client), have lead us to great people and lots of naughty fun ;).  We’ve also had our time wasted, felt uncertain of our safety and left bookings deeply dissatisfied.

Fuber’s simplicity, live Connects and original safety features aim to address many of the issues faced within the industry today.

Here you will find blogs and updates from the team, as we work tirelessly in delivering you the best platform, Connecting Escorts and Clients in the UK.

The world of adult work is about to grow :)

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Clients – How to get the most out of Fuber

Connecting you with your perfect Escort We want to Connect Clients with the hottest, genuine Escorts, safely and seamlessly, enabling you (OUR customer) to focus on the naughty ‘F’un.  Through live search results, accurate Escort...


Escorts – How to get the most out of Fuber

Getting work as an Escort We want you to get work from quality, genuine Clients, allowing you (OUR customer) to focus on having ‘F’un. We believe Fuber is the simplest, safest and easiest to...

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How we lost our Adult Work Virginity

What happened when we entered the world of adult work Our team may I be so bold to say, is f***ing strong.  We are small, resources are lean and being based in the UK...