Interested in Adult Work in the UK?

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Ever since the publication of Secret Diaries of Call Girl and the accompanying TV series in 2007, there’s been a rising interest in adult work and what it involves.

The definition of adult work is any paid work which is of an adult nature, this could be stripping, escorting or even talking dirty on the phone. Currently the most popular jobs in this industry are independent or agency escorting, webcam performing, massaging and stripping.

If you have been thinking of becoming an escort, there’s never been a more exciting or lucrative time to work in the industry. As an independent escort you could be earning from £80-250 per hour, while agency escorts can earn more (fee dependent).

Similarly, for those looking for escorts, the process has never been easier. The latest digital technology here at Fuber enables you to carry out your search quickly and discreetly.

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We also offer all the information you need on adult work in the UK, whether it’s tips for arranging the perfect date, talking dirty or the fundamentals of lube.

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