Interested In Adult Work In The UK?

The appeal of adult work isn’t a mystery: it can be incredibly lucrative; the most successful high-class escorts are making £1,000 or more an hour. With such enormous earning potential, it’s hardly surprising this industry although controversial for most, is secretly growing in the UK with the development of technology.

Love or hate the adult work industry, it’s not going away any time soon.

It also offers flexible working hours, which is another reason it’s so popular with male and females working in the UK. Whether you’re working as an escort or a masseuse, the hours are often more flexible than the average ‘employed’ job. It is possible to vary your working hours and still earn as much as you would at your average 9-5.

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Fuber’s adult work blog provides everything from tips on arranging the perfect date to buying and selling services, Fuber covers all sides of the industry and can help you understand how it works.

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