Refund Policy

Connects Policy

When purchasing Connects you are transacting with the Operators of the Site as described here.

Connects purchased are not transferable and are only valid for use within the website.

Any unused Connects are held by the Company on behalf of the owner and can be transferred back at the owners request, subject to a minimum balance and relevant charged.

Purchases of Connects by credit or debit card that are subsequently charged-back will be disputed to the fullest extent of the law and may involve the disclosure of private information to law enforcement agencies, your bank and/or card issuer as part of that dispute. Customers that issue charge backs will be liable for the fees levied against the Site at the banks prevailing rate.

Members can withdraw earned Connects using any of the transfer options provided subject to set thresholds. The amount to be withdrawn will be subject to the “Withdrawal Fee” plus VAT.

No tax of any kind is taken or charged on the net amount of funds you receive from the site. The amount and type of tax due will be specific to each member and members are encouraged to seek the appropriate advice from a tax professional.

Before releasing payment, the Company reserve the right to request identification if required by our processing partners to comply with money laundering regulations.

The preferred method of transferring Connects with the minimum charge is Paypal. You can also transfer using UK & EU bank accounts, (that participate in IBAN and will be conducted in Euros), once a minimum level of credits has been accrued. If your bank account is eligible then the required BIC and IBAN numbers will be printed on your bank statement.

Refund Policy

As part of our onboarding service you are given free Connects which allow free use of the website for a period. This period is meant for you to use the website to decide if you wish to purchase Connects. As such, any Connects purchased after this period are deemed to be after you have trialed our product.

Customers requiring a refund should contact us through the Knowledge Centre explaining the reason for the refund request.

Connects spent on Reverse Bookings or Booking Requests are done so at the risk of the Customer. We do not guarantee the success of any Booking Requests or Reverse Bookings.

If you are not satisfied with the purchase of any Private Gallery access due to the content being of insufficient quality you should contact us through the Knowledge Centre with details of the private gallery and we will investigate. Any refund will be a refund of the Connect amount spent on this gallery. Please note, the content of each Private Gallery is at the owner of that gallery’s discretion.

Any suspicion of fraud or money laundering the option to refund or withdraw may be withheld.